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Heath Bushfire Consultants

HEATH BUSHFIRE Consultants Services

1. Site assessments:

• Pre-Purchase assessments
• Site Risk analysis – hazards, mitigation options
• Design and siting options

2. BAL Reports

• Method 1 (simplified, but conservative), or,
• Method 2 (scientific calculations)

3. Bushfire Management Statements (BMS)

Our BMS reports comply to the Planning Provisions, and include as required:
• BHSA – Bushfire Hazard Site Assessment
• BHLA – Bushfire Hazard Landscape Assessment
• BMP – Bushfire Management Plan

4. Alternative Solutions

For difficult sites that have a high BAL rating or are difficult to develop – an Alternative solution may allow a economic development to proceed – refer Alternative Solutions pages 3

5. Fire Management Plans, Emergency Response Plans

• including procedure conforming to ISO31000 standards for:

• Industrial sites, offices, retail complexes,

• Accommodation, education centre, hotels, resorts

6. Building Construction Assessment to AS3959-2009

• Assessment, evaluation and advice on construction and compliance.

Heath Bushfire Consultants; about us - see page 6 - we have a proven record of fast turn around and a 100% approval rate on all our projects.


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