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About Heath Bushfire Consultants:

• Bushfire Planning and Management is our core business.

• Heath Bushfire Consultants (HBC) have the capabilities to promulgate compliant risk mitigation solutions to the Bushfire Planning Provisions for all aspects of bushfire risk..

• HBC were one of the first Bushfire Planning and Management Practitioners in Victoria to have completed the Government approved University of Melbourne course in Bushfire Planning and Management and then attained accreditation by the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA).

• HBC is accredited to BPAD3, the highest level and confirming we are at the top of our profession.

• HBC are dedicated to customer satisfaction - our record is one of maintaining excellent communications, fast response, delivery and success in obtaining Council approval.

• HBC’s staff have many years of consulting and contracting experience. Our skills and qualifications include project and risk management, industrial design and engineering. This skills and qualifications provide us with strong capabilities to promulgate solutions for the most difficult assignments..

• We have worked across Victoria and will travel to the most remote sites, and approach every assignment with dedication and commitment.

• HBC keep our customers appraised of progress. Maintaining excellent communications and delivering results in an efficient and timely manner are our highest priorities.